About us

Aduro stoves and outdoor kitchens

Aduro develops markets and sells functional wood burning stoves and outdoor fireplaces in modern Danish design. Through many years we have specialized in the development of high technological stoves with the most modern and advanced burning principles. We do not comprise when it comes to product quality, but we seek to combine the technical and the aesthetic with the end consumer’s demand for user friendliness.

Aduro and the Environment
The wood burning stoves were designed by the Danish architects Torben Madsen and Casper Storm, whose primary task was to create modern and environmentally friendly wood burning stoves at attractive prices. The sake of the environment is very important for us and therefore all our stoves carry the Nordic Swan Eco Label. Among other things this environmental certificate has demands on particle emission, energy efficiency and production. When firing correct an Aduro wood burning stove is a CO2 neutral heating duct.

Our stoves are made of sheet iron, of sheet iron with a cast iron front or complete of cast iron. You can regulate the primary and the secondary air supply on all our stoves and we have a build-in tertiary air supply, which ensures an optimal and environmentally-friendly combustion. They are all equipped with an efficient air blowing system which helps to keep the glass free from soot. Some of our stoves have the possibility for an external air supply. The convection principle ensures that the heat is spread through the air circulation. This gives a consistent and pleasant temperature in the room and a smaller distance to furniture from the stove.

Quality to attractive prices

In Denmark as well on export markets Aduro has established its name as a supplier of quality stoves in a simple and stylistically consistent design. Efficiency and consciousness about costs throughout the value chain from production to end customer ensure you the best quality to a favorable price. We are constantly working on developing new stoves, which consider the end consumers demand for design and function.